Erich C. Jauch, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

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This page contains information about my current research interests and activity.

Research Interests

My main interests fall under the wide umbrella of representation theory of Lie algebras. This leads me to spending a majority of my time working with enveloping algebras and their deformations.

I am currently working with Jonas Hartwig to describe a Galois or Flag order realization of U(son) related to the realization for U(gln). I am also interested in Galois/Flag orders related to the Alternating group. As most work in the field is focused on complex reflection groups, there are many interesting unexplored directions for non-reflection groups.

You can find an in-depth discussion of my current research in my research statement.


  1. A study of Galois and flag orders (Thesis) [Abstract][PDF]
  2. An Extension of U(gln ) Related to the Alternating Group and Galois Orders (Accepted in Journal of Algebra)

Conferences & Presentations

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